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Who is Natasha L.?

Philologist by education, adventurer, singer and photographer by profession.

With MA in Spanish philology, Natasha L. has spearheaded for more than 15 years a career as a singer-songwriter and photographer.

Natasha L. goes to Africa for the first time in 2000, in order to make shooting essays. She falls in love immediately: Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa thenceforth become her countries of predilection, where she experiences the crescendo of a passion for the “unconditional and unpredictable beauty of nature.”

Nowadays, the photos of this tireless traveller oscillate between landscapes, portraits and everyday urban life scenes. She is also appreciated for her artworks of abstract impressions and photojournalism.

Natasha L. is also a member of various art associations, such as the «International Federation of Artists» and the «Artists Union of Russia». Her artworks are published in the annual catalogue “Ars Longa.” Most of her artworks are in private collections in Switzerland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia and South Africa. Natasha L. presented her work several times in Geneva (at the MIMESIS Contemporary Art Gallery, Auberge d’Hermance, Clinique du Rhône) and in Moscow (at the Art Gallery “4 seasons” and the art exhibition “Art To-day”). In parallel, Natasha L devotes her time successfully to singing and songwriting.

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